Apartment Living _2

As I said in my previous Apartment Living post, living in a brand new apartment building is like being enrolled in a beta program of some software. Even the real estate developers don't know what 'bugs' you may find.

My apartment whistles. Yes, no kidding! Specifically, it is the front door that whistles whenever the cooking hood or the bathroom extract is on, or if it really windy outside, but the noise is so loud that there is nowhere to hide from it in the apartment. There are plenty of things, such as storage space and water pressure, that I knew intuitively to check at inspection time. This is definitely not one of them.

Strangely, it started off as just a mild lower frequency vibration noise, similar to the noise from a fridge, but it gradually morphed into a screaming pitch as more apartments on the floor become occupied.

There was high wind a couple of days ago. I sat here in my study nook at the farthest point in the apartment from the front door. And the monster screeching flooded in like an ocean wave. Suffice to say, not much thinking took place that morning. 

If I find a good ogg to mp3 converter, I'll add a recording here for you to have a listen. For now, please enjoy another photo of this morning. In case you wonder, the dot in front of the sun is a hot air balloon.

Another breathtaking sunrise - Melbourne, Australia

April 1, 2017
Ugh! May be it is April fool joke. First, Blogger wouldn't accept an mp3. Then, when I converted it to an mp4 Blogger kept complaining "there was an error while processing your video". So, no sound samples, I'm afraid.

We now have stuck foam tape to the door where the draft makes a whistle. Unfortunately, we need a more permanent solution that does not lose elasticity or be easily detached by the violent draft.

*sigh* Finding the cause of a bug is only a portion of debugging.


Bees' Waterhole

We're told the obvious thing that bees drink nectar and eat pollen. Beyond the often restricted scope of discussion on bee's food is bee's fluid intake. Apparently, not just nectar, bees drink plain old water, too! Otherwise, either this fountain in the video is squirting out sweet water, or these bees are on the diet.

Bees at the bar... hahaha


Apartment Living _1

Settling in a new city is not necessarily an easy thing to do. So far we have been very lucky, finding an apartment we like and in the area we like. It is a brand new apartment building. We were among a handful of first residents to move in, three and a half months ago.

Apartment living is easy - no lawns to mow or gardens to tend to - but we do miss our house in terms of space and storage. Brand new is definitely good in a lot of ways. For one, you don't have to deal with any undesirable remnants and effects of previous tenants. However, getting a brand new apartment is like being in the beta program of some software. We were the first to find out the bathroom's extract fan didn't work and, with the bathroom away from external walls, i.e. no opening windows, we had to suffer sweltering-bathroom-itis for nearly a month before the developer company sent someone to fix it.

Without the distraction of any previous tenants' undesirable remnants, it has also made me take notice of various aspects in apartment design. In short, what makes a good apartment. I like the sound-proof inter-apartment walls. There are, however, still quite a surprising number things we never thought about at inspection time. We are certainly discovering them three months on. But before I go on a rant about negative things, I must remember the positives. One springs to mind and I would like to share it:

Sunrise - Melbourne, Australia

Lest we forget the beauty we see everyday.