Heaven's Breath (I)

Breath of Heaven a.k.a. Diosma (Coleonema)

We just love studying teeny weeny little flowers, and this one gives off a scent from heaven when you touch it.  We brought it home as a bright yellow green baby plant.  It was labeled "sunset gold" (Coleonema Pulchrum sunset gold) from the garden centre.  It grew up to be the greenest version of sunset gold, if it really is sunset gold.  It certainly has the most pleasing, most delicate pale pink flowers.  At close up, they turn out to be white with pink stripes.

The little shrub is so fluffy, plushy and compact (barely made it to a metre tall) that you want to hug it.

Our plushy huggable breath of heaven; pale pink flowers look almost white

At close up, it appears that some insect(s) has already paid this one a visit.

The green color centre makes the flower look hollow.

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