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What are the giraffes doing tonight? - Melbourne Sunset

All on one evening, below are photos taken within just half an hour. Once the sun starts setting, lighting in the sky changes very quickly from one moment to next. On Sunday evening the cloud formations was unusual from the start. The perfect amount of wind was blowing and transforming the clouds as the lighting in the sky changed. The two elements combined into a spellbinding spectacular show for Melbourne that night.

The camera was pointing in the direction of Webb Dock & Sandridge Lookout, Port Melbourne. 
You can see the large container cranes, which I like to call my giraffes. Looks like only one of them was not resting and not busy 'drinking' that night.

Mechanical Giraffes

Silhouettes of the cranes in the distance: a tower of giraffes gathered by the water, some drinking, amidst the strata of red dust on the Serengeti, in the setting sun.

Anyway, Melbourne is beautiful.

What were the giraffes doing earlier?

Foggy Melbourne

Most mornings Melbourne is spectacular, but the mornings in the past couple of days were a different kind of wonderful. I took some photos before and after the city was engulfed in a fog on the first day. I thought I would share them with you.



Apartment Living _3

So, here I am, sitting at the desk in a hotel room instead of my apartment, because the developer of my apartment building is fixing self-generated cracks inside my apartment to ensure my safety living there. As I pointed out in previous posts, the downside to living in a brand new apartment building is like beta-apartment living.

There are many, many good points about the apartment. We like the open view, the layout/flow of the apartment, the convenience of having a covered depot at the front door for free trams, the serene feel of the district, and its surprising mere 10 minute walkable proximity to the CBD.

However, we don't like the hard-to-clean textured wall and floor tiles, the lack of broom cupboard to keep cleaning equipment, the non-ducted air system with one single air outlet in the lounge for an entire 2-bedroom apartment, the humor-you size of the dining area, the stiff impossible-for-fine-adjustment tapware, the contortionist-only toilet roll location, the flawed sho…

Apartment Living _2

As I said in my previous Apartment Living post, living in a brand new apartment building is like being enrolled in a beta program of some software. Even the real estate developers don't know what 'bugs' you may find.
My apartment whistles. Yes, no kidding! Specifically, it is the front door that whistles whenever the cooking hood or the bathroom extract is on, or if it really windy outside, but the noise is so loud that there is nowhere to hide from it in the apartment. There are plenty of things, such as storage space and water pressure, that I knew intuitively to check at inspection time. This is definitely not one of them.
Strangely, it started off as just a mild lower frequency vibration noise, similar to the noise from a fridge, but it gradually morphed into a screaming pitch as more apartments on the floor become occupied.
There was high wind a couple of days ago. I sat here in my study nook at the farthest point in the apartment from the front door. And the monster…

Bees' Waterhole

We're told the obvious thing that bees drink nectar and eat pollen. Beyond the often restricted scope of discussion on bee's food is bee's fluid intake. Apparently, not just nectar, bees drink plain old water, too! Otherwise, either this fountain in the video is squirting out sweet water, or these bees are on the diet.

Bees at the bar... hahaha