Sticking to My Guns

Do you sometimes feel uncertain about yourself?

How much should you reveal about yourself?  And, how much is too little or too much?  Where do you draw your boundary?  What makes one an intrigue or an eccentric?

Do you sometimes wonder whether you are on the right path? 

I can only be myself.  I may not write in a popular style.  I may not have the most popular material, or the popular perspectives.  But, I can only be myself.

Where do the books go, the ones that don't fit snugly in a known category for the ease of selling?  Should they be rewritten?  Should the author be changed?  Which book is this?

What is my category?

Oh, well!  I can only be myself.


  1. I'm odd. I use to want to be more normal as a kid but the harder I tried, the worse I stuck out. So as square peg as I am in a round hole world, I've learned to be okay with it.

    As for my writing...I can't decide what the heck I'm writing...but it sure is fun. :)


  2. Thanks so much for visiting. So glad to find another person feeling similar, but confident or comfortable with herself at the same time. It's kind of reassuring.

  3. Fcj, I've always been considered odd, or wierd for liking vampires and such all my life. I'm in my 50s!

    You can only be yourself because everyone else is taken!

    Check out my blog today I didn't/was not able to, nor was willing to conform to the 200 word limit of the Champaign Challenge, and yet I wrote something this morning for a scene in my WIP, and it just happened to have a door open and shut.
    Come and make comment if you like it {;'

  4. Well said of "everyone else is taken"! Yeah, I know how I should see myself, but it's the constancy of it that I lack; it flickers like a flame inside.

    Just read your blog earlier. It's great. Makes you thirsty for more!