Wow! What? Oh!

Rushing around like a lunatic in the kitchen... So, I was a little disorganized and started the cooking steps of the different dishes in the craziest order.  My brain malfunctioned that day!

The oven timer went off, the food needed to be turned, and before I could shut the oven door, the microwave beeped, time to stir in the next ingredient which I hadn't finished the chopping for.  Shoot! The zucchinis!  They're still simmering on stove top.  Hubby walked in that moment.  "Can I help you with anything?", he said.  Just in time!  "Can you check the zucchinis for me, please?", I said brusquely, pointing to the pot.  He lifted up the lid, looked and replied, "Yup! They're zucchini." My eyes widened. My lungs instantly involuntarily drew in a deep breath. Everything froze for a long second, except for the steam continuing to ascend from the pot vanishing towards his face, his body arched slightly over the pot.

A grin broke across his face.  What was I fretting about, anyway?  It's just dinner.

I bet you have someone or something that reminds you to smile, too.


  1. Ha ha! That's great! Hubbies do seem to say the funniest things. Especially when it's to get out of helping!

    I also wanted to tell you that the elderly couple in my video on my blog are not related to me, but I just loved that video! You are right. It makes you go "aww" and want to be exactly like them when you're that old!

  2. Personally? I think you're #@!! awesome if you ask me. AND I DON'T EVEN #@!! KNOW YOU!!! HeeHee i just know you're a child of God. And that's far-out. Welcome aboard, ma'am. See ya soon Upstairs. God bless you -Acts 2:21


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