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I am afraid I really am not serious enough about blogging, but judging by how often people stop by my posts, Quest and Direction and Quest-ion, on blogging, I guess plenty of us want help.  So, here are some really great stuff I have found (if you haven't seen them yet) that I have been too lazy to follow through (I am sure at least some of you will do better than I have):
How to Promote Your Blog With Social Media
How to Promote Your Blog Without Losing Your Soul  
8 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site With Google+

The first and last one are from SocialMedia Examiner, the middle one is by Laura Kimball, and we all know their sites are very popular. By the way, I am not affiliated to them in any way, shape or form, in case you wonder.

They are great advice; the strategies are very logical (gave me a few aha! moments). What makes them most helpful and sincere, compared to a lot of other people's posts that I have seen on the same topic, is that they fill in the details of how you are supposed to get things done. For example, instead of telling you to comment on other people blog to get comments back, Laura tells you to find other blogs (she specifically said 5 but I don't think it's a limit) that are similar to yours and build a connection with the bloggers, through regular commenting and promoting their posts, to win them over as advocates of your blog. Marc Pitman on SocialMedia Examiner tells you not merely to promote your blog on social media, but exactly HOW to share your posts to social media.

Anyway, I won't repeat any more of their advice, because they say it much, much better. Do read the posts for yourself. The only thing I will say is that you HAVE to spend time, no, invest time (more than my lazy behind can bother) to participate in social media, in order for your promotions to take effect. Twitter has been said to be the best for bringing visitors to your site (probably because they have the most restrictive post capability - smallest number of characters and text only), and I hardly tweeted more than a couple of times in months. If you are serious about blogging and wanting more success, I hope this helps.

"Go, confront the problem. Fight! Win!" - Edna Mode (The Incredibles movie)

Good luck!

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