Ananas to Banana Plugs and Sockets

How often do we stop and wonder how something we see everyday came to be, or even what it is called, let alone in a different language?  I am no electronics gal, but look at the marvelous illustration.

From Sewell Development Corporation

Ananas is German for ....pineapple!

I am learning German, and today's word of the day is Ananas. Naturally, I looked up bananas in German. The search returned several entries along with their English translations, and one of them has the translation "banana plug". You can guess what happened next; I was compelled to find out what the heck a banana plug was. Sounds rather suggestive, doesn't it?  *grin*

It shouldn't have been a surprise that the banana plug, especially being an invented thing, has a name. Oh well, I learned something new today.


The origin of the banana plug's name according to danmason54 on a Bright Hub page for Basics in Home Theatre:

The distinctive bulged prong "houses a spring that, when inserted into a socket, presses outwards to ensure a solid and secure connection. The plug takes its name from the shape of this prong, which reminds many people of a straightened out banana."

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