New travel essential   GIANT WET WIPE   for your body !
 - for when you stay at places with a pathetic shower.

The shower head in this place doesn't look like the usual low-flow shower head.  So, I guess that it is the water pressure in this building or just this apartment.

Today's forecast for precipitation is 2mm in your shower! - measured by a 2-quart saucepan on the floor in the middle of the shower stream.  It will always be 2mm in the center - from the movement of the stream at initial pressure development when the shower is first turned on. The big screw in the center of the diffuser plate, occupying a large percentage of it, ensures a dead spot bigger than the diameter of the pan on the floor in the stream (~ 7 inches or 18cm).  It will be hours in the live (as opposed to dead) areas in the stream. Sorry, no actual number to provide, as I haven't had the patience or the heart to waste more water than the amount run for my drizzles (I mean showers) that didn't clean me.

So,  Save water!  Save time!  Be clean!  -  Use GIANT (body, not washcloth, size) WET WIPES!

- coming soon in a dream in the near future!
or just use a jug in the shower.

Why get frustrated?  Get creative!
- by MuseMedley

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