Dinner Surprise

Twang, twang.  Ah! Dinner is 'knocking' ...

(cute little spider thought itself being a smart, stealth hunter)

Arg... You are too big for my larder!

A few interesting facts:
  • spiders are not insects, though both are Arthropods (invertebrate, exoskeleton, segmented body and jointed legs).
  • spiders are classified as arachnids (8 legs, 2-part body, NO antennae and NO wings), and so are scorpions.
  • insects are a class (6 legs, 3-part body, 2 antennae, can have wings).
  • All spiders produce silk, but not all spiders spin web to hunt.
  • Spiders are the only arachnids that have spinnerets (to produce silk) at the rear end of their tummy.
A cute page for kids:

A more serious, but cool, page for in-depth information on spiders' silk and how they turn liquid crystal into fibres:

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