Redicover home

Hope you all had a great Easter holiday. Mine needed an extension...but never mind.

Melbourne is lovely but it certainly had been nice to be home for Easter. I forgot how beautiful Wellington can be, particularly on a sunny day (not to mention how much I missed my old bed and pillow). Here are some photographs from one of our walks on Oriental Parade. My apologies for the poor quality; we only had the little camera on us, and its lens had a couple of smudges! So, I had to crop the photos as well.

Eastern end of Oriental Parade, looking toward Lower Hutt

It was the clouds that first caught my attention.
Always love looking at cloud formations... and,
of course, the seagull knew I was taking a photo and had great timing.
Well, it is not altogether a disagreeable look in the end.

That's as far as I could zoom in with the poor little smudged thing.

I would like to thank the person(s) who +1'ed my previous posts. You made my day! Thank you.

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